About us: Recorded History 1946 - Today!




1990 - 2016

It was in 1946 that a notice was placed in a local paper in Andover asking anyone who was interested in Spiritualism to get in touch with a Mrs Andrews. Seven people met and it was decided to form the 'Andover Christian Spiritualist Church'.

A few propaganda meetings were held in the Guildhall and although well attended not many people were willing to join. A local businessman allowed his office to be used as a venue for the weekly circle.

A room was booked behind a shoe shop for the Sunday service - until the owners found out what was happening and refused further bookings. The newly formed church then moved to a Scout hut, however the location - at the top of a prominent hill, was not ideal and as petrol was rationed people complained about the physical climb needed to attend.

Eventually another room was found in the town - a hall that belonged to the owner of the local press. The same local press that originally refused to print the Church notices but eventually relented and agreed to take them. All went smoothly until 1966 when the owner of the hall needed to rebuild for their own business.

Reluctantly a move was made to another site - Moore Hall. This hall was on land adjacent to the Anglican Church and the local Vicar was most displeased, however the hall custodian was sympathetic to our movement and agreed to let us in. The Church membership was seldom above 20 but the church carried on as they had been told that it would grow.

Having recently moved from London, Jean & Harry Godley visited the church at Moor Hall and were told by Spirit that they would run the Fellowship for the next 18 years and this they promptly did.

The Church meeting place of Moore Hall was redeveloped in 1990 and the Anglican Church Vicar asked the Fellowship to leave stating the new hall was on consecrated ground.

In April of 1990 the Fellowship approached the local St. John Ambulance organisation who had a hall at Love Lane in Andover. They agreed to allow the booking and this is where the Fellowship resides today, opening the hall every Sunday evening between 6pm-9pm, to all with an enquiring mind and a love of Spirit.

2015  This is our 25th year at Priory Hall. Love Lane, Andover, Hants. SP10 2AB. 2015  Is also marking 45 years of being affiliated to the SNU. 


2016 This will mark 70 YEARS of ANDOVER SPIRITUAL FELLOWSHIP. Thank you to our founders, because without them taking the first steps the fellowship may not have been here today. Helping the people that needs us most. 


2020 Moved to New Venue THE WELLINGTON CENTRE